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The Different Types Of Excavators That Can Be Hired

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Are you in the process of hiring an excavator, but are not sure which one meets your requirements? There are a number of excavators to choose from, and making the right choice will allow the desired job to be completed efficiently.  Here are some of the more common type of excavators that you are likely to find at an excavator for hire service:

Long Arm

As the name suggests, the long arm excavators have a long reach. This is ideal in situations where access to the material that needs to be excavated is limited and can only be got at from a long distance away. However, long arm excavators are most typically used for demolition jobs. That's because their long reach allows walls and other building features to be demolished at a safe distance without the driver being put in danger. The long reach also increases the efficiency of such jobs.

Suction Excavators

These machines also go by the name of vacuum excavators and are used to suck up debris and loose soil. At the edge of the suction pipe, there are sharp teeth that can reduce the size of the rubble that is being sucked.

For the suction to be most effective, a water jet will need to be applied to the rubble. This will loosen the rock so that it can easily be sucked into the pipe. Suction excavators are used in cases where the situation is delicate and the rubble being excavated is not yet identified.

Back Hoe

These types of excavators have a bucket that is facing the driver and is located at the end of a boom. The driver digs into the ground with the bucket and scoops up the material. They are the most common type of excavator that you'll see on a construction site. They are versatile because the size of the bucket can be modified, and back hoe excavators come in a variety of sizes. Furthermore, they can be rotated 360 degrees, and the length of the boom can be modified.

In addition to digging up soil at a construction site, they are great for loading up trucks with material or waste that needs to be transported off site. A skilled excavator driver can also use back hoes to drag material from one spot to another; for example, collapsed debris that is getting in the way of work being performed on the construction site.

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