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Reasons To Use Diamond Drill Rods

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If you are someone who likes taking on DIY projects and you are trying to upgrade the efficiency of your tools, you may want to look into buying diamond drill rods. These are rods used for drills that are an alternative to the standard steel rods, and they may offer you some real advantages that can help you maximize your home projects. Here are some of the reasons diamond drill rods are a great choice so that you can understand these benefits.

Strength -- By most measures, diamond is the hardest organic material in the world, and typically registers at the highest end of the Mohs scale that is used to measure the hardness of a mineral. With that kind of superior toughness, diamond drill rods will cut through more materials than steel, including natural stone, concrete, brick and metal. If you want to expand the list of surfaces and materials that your drill can penetrate, buying a diamond drill rod is the way to go.

Precision -- But diamond drill rods aren't just strong and capable of drilling through just about anything you can think of, they are also extremely precise because diamonds are so sharp and strong that the holes you drill will have a smoother texture and feel, and will be more precise and exact than holes drilled by steel rods. Diamond drill rods also virtually eliminate chips and cracks that often result from standard drilling with metal rods. When you are working on projects in which even a half millimetre can make a difference, having a diamond drill rod can elevate your workmanship to a new level. And if you are using a smaller drill for jewelry craft work, a diamond rod is the perfect tool to use, because it is harder than any gemstone, which isn't the case when you use a standard steel rod.

Reduced Noise and Impact -- When you drill with a standard steel rod, you will often find that your hands shake and you feel a ton of vibration through your forearms especially when you're trying to drill through a hard surface or material. Using a diamond drill rod will eliminate that type of vibration, because the diamond rod is so strong and sharp that the material you drill through offers little resistance. This also reduces the typical noise associated with steel rod drilling, and it creates very little dust or flying debris since there is far less resistance.