Heavy Construction Equipment: Safety Tips and More

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Two reasons to purchase high-quality seating for your heavy construction equipment

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It's important to make sure that the seating you purchase for your heavy construction equipment is well-made. Read on to find out why:

It can prevent injuries

Using high-quality seating made by a reputable brand can significantly reduce the likelihood of people sustaining injuries when they operate your heavy construction equipment.

ISRI seats, for example, are designed to provide both lumbar and neck support; this can help operators to maintain good posture when they are sitting down for long periods of time, which can, in turn, minimise the amount of strain that is placed on their backs and necks. This can help to prevent a lot of spine conditions, such as compressed discs and sciatica.

Well-designed seating can also protect operators against vibration-related injuries. This is crucial, as virtually all types of heavy construction equipment produce powerful vibrations which result in the operator being continuously thrown off the seat.

Constant exposure to these types of vibrations can, over time, lead to musculoskeletal, vascular and neurological conditions.

By fitting high-quality seating that comes with a shock-absorbing system underneath, you can drastically reduce the amount of vibrations that operators are subjected to when they use your equipment.

It can increase productivity

Fitting cheap, low-quality seats in your heavy construction equipment could end up being a false economy, as this type of seating can have a negative impact on the operator's productivity levels and increase the chances of them making a costly mistake.

Cheap seats which do not provide enough lumbar support will usually result in the operator experiencing back pain.

When a person is suffering from this kind of physical pain, it can be next to impossible for them to concentrate on their work and perform their job in an efficient manner, as much of their attention is focused on their own discomfort.

As such, if an operator is experiencing a severe backache, they will probably do their work more slowly and may be more inclined to make an error which could cost time and money to resolve.

Their physical pain might, for example, result in them failing to notice the presence of an overhead power line. This could lead to them accidentally striking the line with the equipment, which could then result in the power line collapsing and the equipment being damaged.

Conversely, if their seat in the equipment cab offers them enough support to keep them injury-free, they will be able to focus all of their attention on their work which should, in turn, increase the chances of them performing their assigned tasks in a quick and precise manner.