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3 Reasons to Opt for a Wellpoint Dewatering System for Your Construction Project

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A wellpoint system is an effective dewatering solution comprised of near-surface wells. It is installed at pre-selected depths and spaced appropriately around a construction or excavation site. A wellpoint dewatering system is commonly used to eliminate excess water from an excavated site because it offers numerous advantages compared to other dewatering techniques. 

If you are considering dewatering your excavation sites, you should know the benefits offered by a wellpoint dewatering system.

Can be Adjusted Depending on Project-Specific Needs

Every construction project is unique, and so are the dewatering systems used. For example, deep wells are better for construction dewatering than sump pumps. That's because sump pumps are perfect for shallower excavations. Besides, this dewatering technique is more expensive since you must hire or purchase different units for every task.

Conversely, wellpoint dewatering systems can adjust to specific requirements on any dewatering project. For instance, a single-stage wellpoint system can adapt to shallow excavations. However, you can include a second-stage wellpoint system when working on deeper excavations. Additionally, you can use wellpoint systems on various types of soils. For example, they can effectively deal with the low pressure of silt soils or perform exceptionally well with sandy soils.

Are Quicker and Offer Easier Installation

Any construction project runs as per a given timeframe. However, construction projects conducted on groundwater tables are intricate and demand plenty of time. Never install dewatering units that take longer to install when working on such tasks. Installing such systems will only eat into the allocated time to complete the project.

With that in mind, consider opting for wellpoint dewatering systems instead. That's because they demand less installation time. In fact, all you must do is link smaller wells to a single header pipe containing a suction pump. Furthermore, the amount of labour required during their installation is minimal.

Help Reduce Overall Project Costs

You will indeed need proper equipment, tools and systems to complete any construction project. Therefore, a dewatering system with higher efficiency in multiple projects can significantly help cut project costs.

Opting for a wellpoint dewatering system is wise since you don't need to purchase or hire additional systems. In turn, you end up enjoying considerable cost savings. Furthermore, you'll spend less money training workers for a single-point dewatering system than multiple dewatering systems.

Final Thoughts

Wellpoint or drive point dewatering systems are arguably beneficial to your construction project. Apart from helping you save more time and money, they are versatile for use on varied construction projects.