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3 Reasons a Homeowner Should Always Hire an Excavator When Digging

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If you're a homeowner and you need any type of extensive digging done, whether that be for a landscaping feature, large garden, pool, or septic tank, you want to call an excavating professional to handle this for you. It's easy to assume that you can save money by digging on your own or with a rented backhoe, but improper digging can make the job tougher and in some cases, even costlier. Consider why that is and why a professional excavator or earthmoving contractor is the right choice.

1. You may not know the type of soil you'll find underneath the topsoil

It's a common mistake to assume that the topsoil is the same consistency as the soil you'll find many layers down, and because of this, homeowners are often unprepared for what they might find. Very muddy soil or rocky soil requires different types of equipment and methods of digging, and a professional excavator will know how to test those layers of soil before he or she even begins to dig. They will also have the right equipment to tackle each type of soil, whether that be a jackhammer attachment on a backhoe for rocky soil or a hydrovac, which actually vacuums soil, for very moist dirt.

2. A professional excavator will know how to keep the walls of the dig properly braced

Removing dirt for a pit is just part of the job; you need to brace the walls of the pit as you go along so that it doesn't collapse. Failing to do this can mean having the pit and surrounding dirt collapse, which is not only dangerous for workers but also means having to start the work all over again. For your own safety and to ensure the job is done quickly and properly, a professional excavator is the best choice.

3. You may need to dig around electrical and water lines

Most areas will have someone from the city come out and mark buried electrical and water lines before you dig, but even so this can be a very tricky part of the job. Just knowing where they are doesn't mean you can easily avoid those lines, and one slight nick can mean a severe leak in a water main or the risk of electrocution from a power line. You might also be financially responsible for repairing those lines, as your homeowner's insurance may not cover damage that you caused yourself. To avoid these risks, it's best to have a professional excavator or earthmover handle your job for you.

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