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Forklift Hire: 7 Tips to Help You Select the Right Distributor

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Forklifts have many useful applications; they are common in settings such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses and construction sites. Looking for a forklift hire company in Australia? They are numerous firms around that offer a wide range of forklifts to consumers on rental basis. These tips will assist you choose the right forklift distributor. 

  1. Determine your needs.  Before contracting with any forklift company, evaluate the kind of machinery you want. Obviously, you will have to select a forklift that suits your needs. Among the things to consider include load weight, the environment/terrain to use the machinery, and of course the type of forklift that you require.
  2. Reasonable hiring rates. With the numerous companies based within this area, the hiring rates offered are also different. Select a company that offers reasonable hiring rates. 
  3. Select a firm that has a large hire fleet. Although there are many firms that supply forklifts to consumers, not every company has a large fleet for hire. It is rewarding to broaden your search and look for a company that deals in a large hire fleet. This way, you are more likely to find a piece of machinery that suits your requirements due to availability of stock. 
  4. Breakdown and maintenance cover. After hiring the machinery, breakdowns can occur. If repair and maintenance costs are not covered by your rental company, they can be an added cost to your business. 
  5. Reputation of the dealer. Consider obtaining your forklift from a dealer with a solid reputation. There are so many things that can go wrong if you do not rent from a genuine forklift distributor. Does the firm abide by the safety requirements? What are other clients saying concerning their services?
  6. Select the best financing option. With the numerous distributors in the forklift industry, a number of dealers provide consumers with different financing options. This helps to meet the needs of every customer. You can go for the rent-to-own option in case you are planning to get your own forklift equipment soon. Alternatively, there is also the hire-try-buy option.
  7. Choose a dealer with a high level of expertise. Professionalism is the other thing you should check for when searching for forklift distributors. You may require expert advice on forklifts and having a company that is well versed in the field can be extremely helpful.

Consider the above tips, and you will find the best forklift distributor. Start talking to distributors such as Liftequipt to get started.