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Want To Get The Full Benefit Of A Flail Mower? Look For These Features When Buying/Hiring One

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When the mowing gets tough and rough, with small trees and thick grass or weeds standing in the way, a flail mower will offer the best results. When buying or hiring a flail mower for your field, lawn, or even paddocks, you will want to go for one with features that make it as suitable for your needs as possible. For this reason, depending on what you need the mower for, here is what you should look for:

Ability to Adjust Cutting Height

The characteristics of flail mowers are important in determining the appearance of cut grass. The cutting height in particular is one element that can mean the difference between a smooth appearance and a ridged or combed appearance to the cut grass. Therefore, for better results, go for flail mower models that have adjustable rear rollers.

Arrangement of the Flail Blades

There are different sizes of flail mowers. The number and arrangement of the flail blades also vary with each size. A flail mower that has many flail blades is likely to give a cleaner and closer cut than one with fewer blades. In addition, flail blades that are attached to the flail mower's rotor in staggered rows can result in smoother cuts.  

Cuts on the Flail Blade Heads

Blade heads for flail mowers are designed in either fine and smooth or rough cuts. Flail blades are attached to an axle or a shaft on the flail mower. When this axle or shaft rotates at high speed, the force pushes out the flail blades, which in turn severs the weeds or grass on the ground. If you are looking for a professionally tailored look on grassy areas and lawns, go for flail head blades with the fine and smooth cuts.

Cutting Edge of the Flail Blades

Flail blades with the full cutting edge are better when it comes to effectiveness and minimisation of grass or weeds wrapping around these blades when compared to those with one-half cutting edges. When grass wraps around the flail blades, it reduces the flail mower's rotor speed, leading to poor cutting of the grass. Flail blades that come with forged cutting edges require less maintenance and last longer than those without. Sharp cutting edges of the flail blades can reduce the horsepower that's needed for the operation of the blade, meaning that they are energy saving and you may spend less on fuel.