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Four Tips to Reduce the Cost of Renting a Mobile Crane

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Commercial construction crews often opt to hire a mobile crane because the equipment is not needed in all construction projects, and it can be very costly to purchase. When the mobile crane leaves the contractor's yard to your destination, the rental clock starts to tick up until you return the crane. The duration of use translates into money spent for the operation of the crane. Therefore, if you want to minimize the rental cost, you will need to know a few things regarding scheduling, selection process, and maximum performance. Here are some of the tips to help you avoid hefty payments when renting a mobile crane.

 Have an Employee that Can Operate a Mobile Crane -- When you work on projects that regularly require the use of a crane, it is prudent to have an employee who is licensed to operate this heavy machinery. Therefore, you avoid the added cost of a fully operated and maintained mobile crane. You just need to rent the crane only at an affordable rate. However, note that some most rental companies will require you to show evidence that you have a person qualified to operate the equipment by presenting updated license.

Choose a Suitable Crane Based on the Project -- Selecting an appropriate mobile crane for your project will need you to consider factors such as the lifting capacity and reach of the crane. The rental company can be of help when determining the lifting requirements of the crane. However, you will have to tell them the time and space available for operating the mobile crane; the dimensions and weights of materials that will be lifted; and the number of lifts required for the project.

Cut on the Rental Time -- When renting a mobile crane, you will either be charged hourly rates or daily rates. Stick to the schedule and avoid unnecessary work that could cost you more rental charges. You will be charged extra if you extend the use beyond the agreed time-frame. Have a formidable plan to guide you even before the mobile crane arrives on site. For instance, remove any obstructions that lie in the path of the crane to avoid unnecessary delays. 

Rent a Mobile Crane with Extra Capacity – Most project crews would opt for a smaller crane to reduce the rental charges. However, the problem is that for such a crane to work efficiently, and at a safe lifting capacity, you will need to operate it at a slower pace compared to a larger crane. The smaller crane will cause delays, eventually forcing you to rent a larger crane. If you want to avoid this costly mistake, and improve safety and productivity, hire a crane with extra carrying capacity. The lifting capacity should be a little bit higher than the weight of the load to be lifted. 

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