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How worksite technologies can improve crane performance during a construction project

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If you're using a crane to carry out construction work, you may be looking for ways of making the machine more productive. Worksite technologies are software platforms that can make your equipment more efficient.

These platforms manage your machines by tracking performance, simplifying the maintenance process, and providing accurate models for production efficiency. You can think of worksite technologies as a centralised platform that gives you better control over your cranes on the worksite.

Here are specific ways through which these technologies can be used to improve your crane and machine efficiency.

Keeping track of machine performance

Perhaps the biggest benefit of worksite technologies is their ability to improve machine performance. More specifically, your cranes can be fitted with sensors that collect data and monitor performance in real time.

The sensors are connected to a centralised software platform that compiles and analyses this data in real time. Therefore, as your operators are hauling loads on the construction site, you can keep track of fuel consumption, performance levels and maintenance needs.

Real-time monitoring of crane performance allows you to remain one step ahead of the maintenance process. For example, if your crane tyre pressures are running low, you will receive a signal to service them in a timely fashion. This smarter system prevents untimely breakdowns that can prove costly to your construction project.

Ability to program machines from a remote location

Worksite technologies come with intuitive user interfaces that are controlled from a central location. You may choose to control these platforms yourself or to outsource the software management to a third party. Either way, you still maintain real-time access to machine data.

You can even program your machines right from the comfort of your computer. How does this work? Depending on the features inside your crane's cockpit, you can check for engine and battery performance, adjust your transmission and make changes to the load lift settings. This advanced ability to adjust settings remotely gives you more control over performance levels.

Ability to carry out grade control

Another unique feature that worksite technologies have is grade control. Grade control is a technology that analyses the topography and ground conditions of your worksite. In this way, you can collect and analyse data regarding your construction site terrain (including the underlying soil layers, weather conditions and surface conditions). 

Why is grade control useful? You can determine if your cranes will be capable of moving smoothly across the ground when lifting and transporting weights. And if the ground conditions are challenging, you can arrange for landscaping activity to cover up rough terrain, or you can plan to purchase more efficient tyres for your cranes.

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