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Top Reasons for Forklift Rental Firms to Offer Flexible Hire Service

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If you are in the massive construction equipment rental business, then aligning your services to the ever-evolving needs of construction firms will give you a competitive advantage. It is especially the case if you consider the critical role that rental equipment plays in helping clients to manage the construction industry's peak demands and seasonal fluctuations. However, most rental firms are failing their clients in one critical area of forklift hire, which is flexibility. With the construction industry experiencing rapid growth, construction companies cannot afford to operate conventionally. The firms have to think on their feet to deliver exceptional service provisions. Your ability to provide such flexibility will go a long way in meeting clients' needs. This writeup explores the reasons why you should introduce flexible forklift truck rental contracts.

Changing Concept of 'Short-Term' Rental: Traditionally, heavy construction equipment rental periods were either long or short term. Most rental firm agreements consider a short-term rental period to be less than three months. While this is what construction firms have worked with for a long time, the conventional concept of 'short-term' is changing. Today, clients view short-term rental periods to be more than three months. It can be attributed to the increased activity in the construction industry that has driven up the demand for forklift truck rentals. Consequently, construction firms are looking to get the most out of the rental forklifts within the shortest time possible. Therefore, it is critical that you make your forklift rental policies as flexible as possible to accommodate these demands.

Clients' Varying Rental Usage Period: While smaller construction firms normally use rental forklifts only a couple of times a year, established firms are likely to hire the equipment more times a year. If you provide exceptional services, then you will attract clients from both ends of the spectrum. However, you can only guarantee client retention if your business caters to the respective needs of clients concerning preferred rental usage period. Notably, inflexible contracts limit the ability of smaller firms to rent forklifts trucks at cost-effective terms. A flexible hire service will complement your traditional agreements and ensure that you cater to clients' individual forklift truck rental needs.

Delivery Times and Productivity: The 9 to 5 business-hours-only approach to forklift rental is out of sync with the current demands of the construction industry. It is mainly because most construction companies operate around the clock and need forklifts to be delivered as and when required. For instance, traditional rental contracts only allow for delivery within the rental firm's working hours. If your client has to wait for 12 hours for the delivery of a rental forklift, the chances are that they will opt for a provider that can deliver the equipment overnight. Long waiting periods cost money and go against productivity strategies that construction firms have in place. If you have a flexible hire service, you can deliver the forklifts to clients whenever they need them.