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Why It Is Safer to Remove Tall Trees With a Crane

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There are few things more impressive than a majestic tree that towers over everything in its vicinity. As long as it is healthy, such a tree can continue to serve as the centrepiece of a yard for many years. However, tall trees can become unsafe if their roots are compromised, either through disease or damage caused by land development. When this happens, it is only a matter of time before strong winds bring the tree down.

Although you could hire a tree service or local arborist to remove a tall tree, removing it with a crane is a safer option for several reasons.

There Is No Falling Danger

Cutting down a tall tree is a tall order, even for the most experienced tree services. This is mainly because the tree removal expert needs to ensure that the tree falls in a direction that won't put buildings or people at risk. In built-up areas, this can be a struggle.

However, by hiring a crane, you can avoid this potential risk altogether. To remove a tree in this manner, the crane operator pulls the tree out of the ground before lifting it away quickly, and more importantly, safely. Not only does removing a tree with a crane save time then, but it also saves lives.

Cranes Can Work With Limited Space

Tall trees that are surrounded by or growing close to buildings can be hard to reach, not to mention dangerous to work on. Working in such confined spaces can be risky when working with chainsaws and other tree removal equipment. Moreover, the lack of space also means that the removal process takes much longer than normal due to the risks involved.

On the other hand, because cranes can be raised into position, bypassing buildings and other obstacles on the way, there is no need for workers to be physically present in or around a tree.  Instead, the crane operator can pull the tree out of the ground from above and lift it to safety efficiently and with little risk to the surrounding area.

Once the crane operator has placed the tree on the ground a safe distance away, workers can then cut the tree up before taking it away.

Dead Branches Can Be Lifted Away

Older trees or trees that have suffered damage due to disease, for example, are a risk because of the possibility of dead branches. With traditional removal methods, there is the risk that dead branches could break off as the tree is cut down. Naturally, these branches could be deadly to anyone standing nearby, especially if those branches are high up in the tree.

Falling branches can also damage nearby buildings and vehicles. To avoid this, it is best to hire a crane if you suspect that your tree is dying. With the use of a crane, large, dead branches can be removed from above and lifted away before the rest of the tree is removed.

Choose Your Service Wisely

If you have a tall tree that needs to be removed, you should ensure that you hire only the very best, whether that is a tree removal service or crane hire service. You should only consider a service that has a history of removing tall or dangerous trees. That way, you can avoid any unwanted surprises and be confident that your tree will be removed safely as well as efficiently.

Not all tall trees are dangerous. However, if you think that your tree may be about to fall, as this tree did in Sydney, Australia, on the 2nd of February this year, consider hiring a crane to remove it before it becomes a danger.