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Upgrades to Consider for Your Custom-Built Semitrailer

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As a heavy construction business owner, one of the key pieces of equipment you will use is a semitrailer. You may have several in your fleet, but they may not always do the job you need them to. In cases like this, having a custom-built option is ideal. Before you sit down with the designers, here are some upgrades to consider for the custom build you have in mind.

Folding Truck Trailer

One of the key needs your heavy construction business may have is to haul large trucks to and from site locations. This may be due to roadway clearance issues or to simply make the move from one site to another faster. One of the upgrades to consider for a custom semitrailer is a folding trailer option. Folding semitrailer beds can give you the ability to haul the large trucks to the new site on a flatbed while using the folding portion for other small equipment. It allows you to utilise your space to the maximum ability and extend the trailer if the equipment is larger than the flatbed. 

Voltage Trailer

Portable power sources is an issue that some heavy construction companies have. In most cases, a transformer building is brought to each site. This needs to be set up and can take several hours to days to complete. In that time, your construction is likely on hold at least partially. An upgrade to a custom semitrailer build is to have a voltage trailer. Voltage trailers allow you to have the power source ready to go and delivered directly to the site. There is little to no setup, allowing even your smaller sites the ability to be up and running quickly. Voltage trailers can be designed to any size and specification you may need.

Pole Extenders

One upgrade you can have added to basic semitrailer builds are pole extenders. Pole extenders allow you to haul poles on a trailer that would normally not allow the transport safely. The pole extenders are built in to allow poles to be placed safely and securely on the semitrailer bed. Once in place, the poles can be safely delivered from site to site without worry of chains snapping or straps coming loose during transport. 

When you are ready to have the semitrailer built, contact a local semitrailer company. They can schedule a consultation to discuss the design you have in mind. They can take your upgrades into consideration and offer you other upgrades that fit with your needs. In addition, they can also give you pricing for additional custom built models if you decide the end result of your first build is ideal for your business.